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Love life of Scorpio

The Scorpios who are said to be wonderful lovers are very much sexed and magnetic in nature. Their love to the partners is always deep, loyal and possessive. Scorpios do all the possible things to keep their partners happy as a significance of loving relationship. Scorpios always extend their support to the partners even when they are at wrong. They are highly protective in nature when it comes to their soulmate.


At the same time they expect this support to be reciprocated and are devasted when it is not forthcoming. They are true and ardent lovers. Once they commit themselves to a true love either for better or worse they will cling tenaciously to any relationship, using every weapon known to them to prevent someone else from taking what they perceive as rightfully theirs regardless of how unhappy they are. This shows how possessive the Scorpios are. Thus love followed by marriage will be either heaven or a prison from which there is no escape.


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